FirstPort is an interesting client as they have a unique blend of clients, service users, prospects and stakeholders.

As the UK’s largest Property Management Company, managing over 180,000 property units in thousands of location across the UK, they are the market leader. However, their sales and marketing challenges are a little different to most businesses as there is a clear distinction between the Client, who buys FirstPorts’ services and the Customer who uses the services that they provide.

Few businesses have Clients who buy but don’t use and Customers who use but don’t buy.

This unique juxtaposition of Client and Customer created an interesting brand challenge to engage a large audience of people who may not know who FirstPort are, what they stand for and what they do.


B2B: identify potential property management buyers and market FirstPort to them.

B2C: provide a range of digital ‘self-service’ tools for day-to-day account inquiries, payments and help and advice.

Corporate Stakeholders: support key business functions and stakeholder communications including HR, recruitment, finance and investor information.


  • B2B lead generation.
  • B2C channel shifting from phone and email support to digital self-service.
  • Recruitment support for the 3,000 UK staff that FirstPort currently employ.


Quite simply, Sitecore’s Customer Experience Platform.

Why? To build a new digital ecosphere for FirstPort with Sitecore at the heart of it. Initially, Sagittarius will launch a new website that includes:

  • B2B lead generation and marketing support
  • B2C Help & Advice information for FirstPort’s hundreds and thousands of customers
  • Key stakeholder information

We have worked with FirstPort to define layered goals, engagement values and personas that allow us to initially segment and target broad audience types and then refine this as we learn more about each website visitor.


The website is still being deployed fully (early 2016). However, through the use of a hierarchy of personas built around the B2B and B2C audiences we fully expect to see the results of our endeavours very quickly.

We believe that we can use one website to accurately focus on a diverse and disparate number of key audiences by employing ‘off the shelf’ Sitecore features and functionality. This will allow us to be able to focus on a small but incredibly valuable B2B audience and use digital to add value to the relationship building process.

Looking further forward, by being able to segment and communicate effectively we can then look to build new content areas, features and channels into the FirstPort digital ecosphere, putting digital and Sitecore into the heart of a B2B and B2C universe that fully leverages all that digital can offer.

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