Jacksons Fencing have been an ecommerce client for Sagittarius since 2004.

Established in 1947, Jacksons are a leading UK manufacturer and retailer of residential and commercial grade fencing, decking and gates products.
Jacksons employ over 250 people worldwide and have offices across the UK, France and the Middle East.

Sagittarius is Jacksons digital partner and we are involved in all areas of strategy, user experience, design and development. By working together we have grown together.


Jacksons have a diverse range of customers, including:
Homeowners interested in buying great quality and great looking fencing, gates and decking Installers who buy both wooden and metal products on behalf of their customers.

Architects and Construction firms who specify their high security and landscaping products in anything from a primary school to military grade compound in the middle east.

With an almost 50/50 split between retail and commercial customers ensuring that each audience member is able to find the product that suits them is absolutely key.

The brief is therefore to create a brand consistent experience for all customers with a diverse range of needs and circumstances. In simple terms, deliver more traffic and more sales through digital channels.


Due to our integrated partner status there is no one single strategy, however, this is one overarching aim - drive sales through digital channels. Annually this means we review both traffic and conversion. With Jacksons we use a modelling tool to build a 12 month view of what we want to achieve and the numbers we need to hit to achieve it.

From this we then work backwards to establish how we need to improve average order values, increase conversion rates and drive better quality traffic through the sales funnel. This can include increasing personalisation, adding new sales channels such as mobile and social apps, finding new audiences in social media, changing the focus of search campaigns and optimise email communications.


By working closely with the team and providing a turnkey solution for Jacksons they have achieved great results on modest budgets. Across the 4 websites Jacksons service over
250,000 visitors per month.

The following results are all the year on year improvements for the Jacksons budget year ending September 2014:

52% increased visits

64% web sales increase

58% more page views

33% increased conversion rate

Latest News

25 May 2017

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