background & brief

The Streetlights Means 30 campaign was commissioned by the Kent and Medway Safety camera Partnership, KMSCP, to raise awareness of the 30mph speed limit on Kent roads.

Key messages of the campaign focused on educating drivers that where streetlights are seen, the speed limit is usually 30. A secondary education message was around the greatly increased risk of fatality through speed:

If you hit a pedestrian or cyclist at 40mph there is a 31% chance they’ll die.
If you hit them at 30mph there is a 93% chance they’ll live.

campaign aims

  • Achieve significant reach across the county of Kent
  • Communicate the key messages across multiple channels
  • Integrate offline and online elements of the campaign
  • Drive traffic to the online assets of the campaign
  • Achieve measurable results to help demonstrate value and plan future campaigns
  • Identify a campaign model for potential roll out in future
  • Adopt best practice and demonstrate innovative thinking.


The overall strategy adopted in response to the brief was to use a wider range of offline and digital channels to significantly scale up the reach of the campaign, integrating these channels where possible and using impactful creative messages to gain attention.

The different campaign elements were planned to both stimulate and then maintain awareness over the 10 weeks of the campaign, whilst also providing space to measure the impacts of some of the above the line elements.

The online aspect of the campaign sought to use digital channels such as display and social media for the equivalent of branding, rather than the usual aim of driving traffic and conversions. It was also agreed to try and innovate through use of new emerging digital techniques.

key results

  • 3,108,075 Impacts including impressions and reach
  • £9.65 Cost per thousand (CPM) for these impacts
  • 12,838 Clicks or Engagements such as full video views arising from the campaign reach
  • £1.25 cost per click or engagement
  • 11 active campaigns run across 8 different channels; Radio, VOD, Display, Facebook, Twitter, KentOnline, Native and YouTube.
  • 14% Click Through Rate from Native Video (compared to the media networks typical 4% average CTR)

case study

Watch our case study video about this multi-channel campaigns success!


Latest News

19 October 2017

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