Sitecore 8 is here!

As 2014 Sitecore Experience Award Overall Winner, we are pleased to be the first UK partner to offer Sitecore XP 8. Sitecore 8 enables marketers to deliver richer details and meaningful experiences online and allows them to know every customer and personalise every online experience.

the face lift

Sitecore 8 has a completely new user interface, providing a clean, consistent user experience. The new interface makes learning to use Sitecore quicker and easier, and lowers training and support costs.

Every feature works in the same way, marketers can now easily master all aspects of digital experience marketing within Sitecore.

the right place at the right time

Sitecore 8 shortens the time it takes to gain valuable insights, make a decisions and take action. Sitecore uses Engagement Value to measure what’s working, what’s not, and recommends what action to take, throughout Sitecore’s Experience Marketing tools.

Sitecore’s Experience Analytics help marketers understand what marketing activities are performing, and with what audience. Sitecore also has the capability to harnesses and analyse data from non-Sitecore sites, CRM, ERP, and POS systems.

the single customer view

The Sitecore® Experience Profile™ for provides a single view of each individual customer, which allows for real time personalisation, audience segmentation and analytics. Sitecore collects and connects data about the whole customer experience, wherever it happens, therefore making it immediately available to marketers to continue on going valuable conversations and provide highly relevant and personalised online experiences for their customers and prospects.  

working with the best

With numerous awards for our recent Sitecore development for Skiweekends, we have the experience to deliver and leverage valuable online ROI from the Sitecore platform that justifies the investment for its clients.

don't just believe what we say... see if for yourself and request a Sitecore 8 demo today

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