first there was multichannel...

... Then we had Crosschannel. Now, the leading brands have moved on to Omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel (from the Latin ‘omni’ meaning everything or everywhere), refers in marketing to creating a seamless customer experience no matter how, when and where people choose to interact with your brand. It uses data gathered through every interaction to put the customer at the centre of the brand.

What’s the difference between a ‘multichannel’, ‘crosschannel’ and an ‘omnichannel’ strategy?


As you may know, Crosschannel takes Multichannel a step further, linking certain platforms like social media, retargeting and email, so that consumers’ data could be picked up and used to send them more information designed to engage them with the brand and generate sales. But this isn't always enough to grasp the full potential of your content.

An Omnichannel approach is simply linking the remaining disconnected marketing activities together to create a single, seamless customer experience and increase our chances of making a sale – and brands are beginning to wake up to the value of this synergy.

Read our full guide on Omnichannel from our Digital Marketing Director, Josh Whiten.

take advantage of emerging technologies

Programmatic Advertising can be used as part of your Omnichannel strategy to assist in filling those gaps. It does this by analysing website data in real-time, to continually optimise your digital campaigns, ensuring your brand is bidding on the right placements, at optimal times, to customers most likely to convert.

This makes it an excellent option for those looking to market with an Omnichannel strategy.

Programmatic: A Marketers Guide Part One

Programmatic: A Marketers Guide Part Two

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