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Published: 14 July 2014

Paid for advertising like Google AdWords, provides a great opportunity to make your brand and it’s associated products or services instantly visible in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). With Google’s renewed focus on relevancy, it’s essential that your advert copy is relevant and gets your message across, standing out from the crowd.

Writing good advert copy in any marketing channel can be difficult, whether it be offline or online. Writing advert copy for AdWords when you only have 25 characters for the title and 35 characters per two description lines makes it even harder!

With that in mind, I thought outlining some tips on writing advert copy for AdWords might be helpful to help improve click through rate and ultimately help achieve your business objectives.

Make your advert relevant
Shock! To be successful your advert needs to be relevant to the users search. This seems extremely obvious but it is critical to enabling your advert to be triggered to appear and then have a chance of being clicked on.

Make sure that the advert copy itself reflects the keyword(s) that you are trying to target. Entering these terms in the title and preferably in the description lines too will help to make your advert stand out. These keywords will also become bold within the advert to highlight their relevance to the user.

Have A Strong Call To Action
Once you have caught the eye of the person searching then you want to ensure that they then make the next step and actually click on the advert.

If you are running a special offer or have a promotion on, then ensure this is conveyed in the advert itself. Of course you will need to make it appropriate to your business or client but simple terms like “Book Now” for a holiday ad or “Find Out More” for lead generation focused websites can make all the difference. If there are unique selling points then this should be made clear to the user.

Target Quality Score
Quality Score (QS) is key to getting your advert in the highest positions without necessarily having to bid the most amount of money. As we mentioned previously, Google’s main focus is on what is most relevant to the user and the QS gives you as an advertiser, a feel for how your ads and keyword targeting are assessed by Google.

So the more relevant your advert is to the keyword you are bidding on and the associated landing page that it is leading to, the higher your QS. As a result, Google will favour your advert above other adverts, even if they are bidding more than you are because your advert is more relevant to the user and therefore a better experience for the user.

Split Test your Adverts
AdWords allows you to have as many adverts running alongside each other as you would like in each adgroup and so this is certainly something to take advantage of.

This is particularly useful regardless of whether you think know your business inside out or you’re an agency taking a new client on, it allows you to see what kind of messaging really appeals to the target audience.

Utilise Ad Extensions
Another cool tool is that of advert extensions that allow you to have multiple links to other related services or products within your advert. Not only does this give the user more options but it makes your advert stand out.

Another benefit of advert extensions are that even if you are bidding as much as a competitor or have a similar QS, if your advert extensions are deemed most relevant to the user, your advert will get served first. Another reason to keep rule one about relevancy in mind.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion
A cool advance facility is the ability to dynamically insert the users search query into your advert where you feel it is most appropriate, to then make your advert more relevant to whatever search the user has searched on.

One tip I would say here is that that most of the time, you’ll find it more useful to insert this into the advert title as it immediately stands out and if you insert this mid way through a sentence in one of the two description lines, you may get an advert that reads rather strangely depending on the users query!

The above tips will help you to improve your quality score, improve your click through rate and ultimately make your PPC advertising work harder to achieve your goals.

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