Published: 06 November 2020 If you are a manufacturer or distributor who currently just sells to trade or other businesses then I’m sure recent times have highlighted why a direct to consumer model is necessary as part of your business model.

This is not just for manufacturers either. Examples like Uber, Airbnb and Instagram show that owning the consumer ecosystem is how you control your destiny.

At Sagittarius, we have worked with scores of leading brands to help them take their first steps then plan beyond into becoming a customer-facing brand. The transition from B2B to B2C is not just about creating a new eCommerce website, there are many more challenges to overcome. Yes, commerce and content technology platforms are important but we also help develop a sound commercial model and marketing mix that supports the business case.

As we enter Lockdown 2.0 in the UK it is clear that a solid ‘direct to consumer’ strategy covering retail, customer service, logistics and support is needed for even the most established of manufacturers. This shouldn’t be just a ‘pandemic protection’ strategy but a well thought through business case that prioritises taking ownership of your customer base, your routes to market and your ability to adapt to shifting markets.

However, with the current context, its no surprise that we have seen many of our clients who had direct to consumer models in place before Lockdown experience over 300% growth whilst their traditional routes to market were shut down.

For many, customer expectation drives this demand and so brands need to have a clear and easy-to-implement consumer-facing strategy even if they don’t want to explicitly retail directly. A manufacturer should still be owning and creating the best and ultimate brand experience to support its established retail channels too. There are always alternative hybrid models like using third-party marketplaces or fulfilment houses but it’s still the brand that owns the audience.

So, whether you’re consumer-facing already, or not, the big question is do you have a strategy and proposition to thrive through whatever your market looks like in 2,3 or 10 years time? Many won’t so now is the time to seize that competitive advantage.

At Sagittarius, we have proven formulas that win every time. So let us accelerate your B2C transformation and help you create a successful future. Contact Us today!

Paul Stephen

Co-Founder & Joint CEO

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