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Published: 08 October 2013 On Thursday, 10th October 2013 Sagittarius Marketing along with 100 other digital agencies across the UK took part in BIMA Digital-Day (or D-Day for short).

BIMA D-Day is an initiative created by BIMA (the British Interactive Media Association) to introduce school-age children to the possibility of embarking on a career in digital.  Over 4000 children took part in this nationwide day.

Paul Stephen, CEO and Sarah Dennis, Marketing Manager at Sagittarius Marketing joined Ms Tompkins and Ms Vernon along with 20 students from Norton Knatchbull School for BIMA D-Day 2013.

Using specially created resources provided by BIMA, the day involved taking students through a set series of challenges from digital design, mobile apps, social media and web development.
The students participating in BIMA D-Day were encouraged to use creative decision making and project management skills to contribute to the success of the task with guidance from the teachers and agency team.   
The day was split into 2 parts, Part 1 in the morning was to create the brief, define the goals and the objective of each group’s task. Part 2 in the afternoon was to visualise, wireframe, draw, code, sketch and describe the solution. This culminated in a final presentation from each group to the class on their chosen idea and solutuion.

Paul Stephen from Sagittarius commented: “All of the students did very well. They were engaged, inspired and motivated and that certainly made them a pleasure to work with. Its great to be supporting BIMA D-Day, I think it’s a brilliant initiative and we have hopefully inspired and sparked some future imaginations during the day”

The very best projects created on D-Day were submitted by Norton Knatchbull to BIMA and a specially created award panel, with the winner in each category carrying off a BIMA D-Day Award.  The overall winner will be selected to receive the Grand Prix.

This year’s BIMA D-Day follows an O2-commissioned report released earlier this month which indicated that Britain needs to create and fill 750,000 new digital jobs to keep pace with the global digital economy. With one fifth of these jobs ideally suited to the new generation of computer-savvy school children and Government initiatives designed to accelerate digital economic output to worth £7 billion per year by 2017, there is a real need for the industry to inspire school-age children to embrace a potential career in digital.    

Further information about BIMA D Day can be found within the BIMA D Day website at: www.bimadday.org.uk

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