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Published: 31 July 2014 Just a quick note to update you all on some success we have had with Brakes Catering Equipment. For those who don't know the back story, I hope you are sitting comfortably...

In the spring of 2012 Sagittarius was commissioned to redesign and develop the new Brakes Catering Equipment website. One of the key objectives of the brief was to create a new website which represents a premium stance, via a contemporary design. The fundamental aim was to improve traffic and overall conversion, whilst helping to leverage the Brakes brand. An intuitive Content Management System and Ecommerce platform was required to help support the ongoing success of the website, along with a digital marketing (social media, organic search and paid search strategy).

Sagittarius deployed its own Content Management System and Ecommerce platform to provide the basis for the success of the new Brakes Catering Equipment website. One of the key challenges was that users only perceived Brakes to offer food solutions. The Catering part of the business needed to be lifted, and whilst harnessing the main Brakes brand, not being too reliant as the Brakes Catering Equipment brand is required to standalone, as a separate entity.

The market is a very competitive one, where price is often key within the decision making process. With established competitors, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate the offering, as many products are offered by all of the major players.

As directed in the project brief the site was to use existing content. Many of the pages either used standard content from product providers, which was often duplicated, not optimised or in some cases, no content was shown at all. As a result, the clients website did not achieve the traffic targets they wanted and therefore sales. 

At the outset of the content population project in February 2013, the following was recorded:

  • 1% products with good level of content
  • 11% products with minimum acceptable level of content
  • 88% products had less than acceptable level of content and considered spam by Google...
  • Only 500 products allowed in Google Shopping from 5500.

The site was running at 10% of it's potential

The budget for SEO consultancy was split over a 12 month period. Whilst Sagittarius also helped write some content for the site, the vast majority was taken on by the client themselves with Sagittarius providing consultancy and direction. In addition to this Sagittarius trained staff on basic content optimisation and keyword targeting so that the content would be of the right quality.

Project Objectives

The following were set out at the beginning of the process and would be the areas of objectives:

  • More targeted traffic
  • Better qualified customers
  • More channels
  • Quality content on pages
  • Higher conversion

In March 2013, the digital marketing team at Sagittarius put together a long-term content plan, which had set monthly content targets in place for Brakes Catering Equipment to work to.

The team at Sagittarius then trained staff at Brakes Catering Equipment on the basics of optimising the content so that as the client was adding the content, it would have a basic level of optimisation. This content was then systematically checked, the content was optimised where required and it would be uploaded to the site by the team at Sagittarius.

The digital marketing team at Sagittarius also carried out gap analysis, looking at keywords where Brakes Catering Equipment had started ranking on certain keywords, then cross referenced these with Brakes to see which products were the most lucrative to the business and instructed the client on which pages to tackle first based on both an SEO point of view and a business point of view. 

With a process of continuous content improvement the following were focus areas of content enrichment:

  • Key categories
  • Top 100 products
  • Popular products in Search
  • Manufacturer pages
Target: 80% products with good level of content by end Q4 2013


  • Overall Traffic Up 145%
  • Natural Search Traffic Up 71%
  • Number Of Natural Traffic Unique Users Up 76%
  • Number Of Pages With A Good Level Of Content Up From 500 to over 5600
  • 92% Products In Google Shopping
  • 27% of visits are from mobile & tablet devices up from 18% between Dec 2012 - May 2013
  • 17% sales are made on mobiles & tablet devices up from 12% between Dec 2012 - May 2013
  • Baskets Up 255% since December 2011
  • Revenue Up 230% since December 2011

  • Visits: Up 145%
  • Baskets: Up 255%
  • Revenue: Up 230%

The above statistics are a great example of the departments within the agency working together with the Search Marketing department; all the server side changes and updates, the account handling managing the expectations of the clients and also building a strong working relationship with the client.

Client Testimonial

"Working with Sagittarius has really helped us to improve our natural search traffic and helped towards our overall business objectives. They have provided clear direction on solving a critical issue from an SEO point of view and created a content plan that was easy to follow. It is great to see natural search traffic up significantly year on year and our rankings continuing to improve".   Tina Carter, Marketing Manager, Brakes Catering Equipment


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