Published: 12 May 2016

With the recent changes to Google, using extensions in your ads on Google AdWords has never been more important.

With now, essentially only four ad spaces to compete as an advertiser you will need to work much harder to ensure you are getting an ad position of four or higher. How? By using all the fancy features, AdWords has had there forever that you never really venture to look at.

Below I have put together a guide of all ad extensions available to you in Google AdWords and why you should be using them.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions gives you the opportunity to add additional links into your standard text ad, this gives you the chance to promote several other pages at the same time as promoting the main one within your ad.


Just like within text ads, sitelinks also have rules that apply. The link text for each link cannot be any more than 25 characters, and your link text must relate to the content on the landing page. Concerning the URL the link must be 2048 characters or less and cannot be a download link.
Why you should be using them…

  • It gives you the opportunity to promote multiple products/services at once.
  • It could lead to better click through rate, as it will help visitors to navigate around your site easier.
  • Improvement with click through rate will help to improve your quality score, which in turn will help improve your average ad position.
  • With sitelinks, you will also be taking up more space thus standing out more. 


Location Extensions
Does what it says, allows you to include location information within your ads; this includes adding your Business name, address and phone number. 


Why you should be using them…

  • Makes it easier for customers to find out where you are, especially if they are in the area and need to find a local shop. This could lead to faster conversions.
  • According to Google, adding location extensions can improve your CTR by 10%, which in turn will improve your quality score, and ad position.
  • No extra charges for the little added extra information.
  • It could also help improve customer’s trust of your product/service as your address and contact numbers will appear next to the ad text.


Call Extensions
Again, does what it says. Allows you to include a phone number within your standard text ad, which allows users to call directly from your ad.


Why you should be using them…

  • Could lead to quicker conversions as users can contact you directly with just a click, this would in turn help to improve conversion rates.


Review Extensions
A review extension must be an accurate, credible & current third-party review of your business.

There are a few important points to remember when using. Firstly, your review content must be visible in the text on the source page; the review can be quoted or paraphrased. Reviews cannot be more than 12 months old.

You are also able to use credible third-party sources, more information can be found here:


 Why you should be using them…

  • Reviews, good ones of course, will improve a customer’s trust in your product or service, this will then help to improve click through rate.
  • With reviews helping to improve your click through rate you will then see your quality score improve, thus leading to a higher ad position.
  • There is no extra charges if a visitor clicks on the ratings to read your reviews.


Callout Extensions
One of my favourite extensions.

Callout extensions allow you to include additional text within your standard text ad. Again, like with most there are several text requirements for these. Firstly, the text for each callout must be 25 characters or less, you cannot repeat a callout more than once and unnecessary symbols are not allowed.


Why you should be using them…

  • If you have some awesome unique selling points for your product/business/service, you can feature them here and give users even more of a reason to work or shop with you e.g. ‘Free Delivery’, ‘24/7 Customer Service’.
  • Callout extensions will also help make your ad more visible to users.
  • You will also see an increase in click through rate, which in turn improves quality score and ad rank. 


So there you have it. A list of all the ad extensions on Google AdWords and why you should be using them. Admittedly, many have the same advantages, but this is because overall adding ad extensions to your ads will just see improvements; and you can add as many extensions as you like. Obviously, be careful and do not overdo it.

Sitelinks and callouts are my personal favourites, and the two I tend to use when looking to improve a client’s adverts and click through rates. I find these are the most useful, but with every client being different, you will need to tailor the use of extensions to what is best for them. 

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