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Published: 05 November 2014 Working within an agency has given me access to a whole catalogue of brands. Every day I am working with both existing and new clients, on this basis I have had to learn what each individual client likes and how they will react to a particular design style. Quite often I hear the term ‘evolution rather than revolution’ which basically means sticking to what we know the client likes and maintaining the design style to reflect the brands current look and feel.  

By now you are probably wondering ‘what is this Baby Duck Syndrome?’ Well BDS describes the predisposition of users to feel comfortable with what they know when using a website. Users are happy with the usability and familiarity of the old.  

A good example of this would be Facebook’s updates throughout the years. Every time an update has happened I am bombarded with the generic ‘hate the new Facebook’ statuses ignorantly filling up my news feed. Do we not think the $201.6 Billion online company has not invested heavily in carefully planning the UX and any update would be an improvement? We can see that over time the soft rumbles of disappointment disappear as people come to terms with the update and begin to feel comfortable with the new layout or features – at least until the next one.    

So as a designer, I believe it is my responsibility to push clients, brands and users into the realms of the unknown and overcome BDS. There is always reasoning behind a design so listen to your designer! It may be scary at first but just like Facebook, it soon becomes as familiar as it always had been.
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