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Published: 11 July 2014

Sagittarius, Integrated digital marketing agency are proud to have been chosen as first ever Sales and Marketing partner to ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents).  

Sagittarius will be providing sales and marketing support to ABTA members in the following areas:

  • Strategic Marketing and Planning
  • Determining the Marketing Strategy short and long term
  • Identifying the audience
  • Identifying the mediums to reach the audience
  • Agreeing Sales Messages to promote products
  • Integrated Campaigns  

Paul Stephen, Commented ‘With our strong connections to the Travel Industry and client portfolio, to be the sales and marketing partner to ABTA was a natural choice for us as an agency’.  

Sagittarius will provide timely, user-friendly and jargon-free guidance notes and FAQs for Members within the travel industry on key business issues.

Sagittarius provides a dedicated ABTA Member telephone number and email address, providing initial general guidance allowing Members to consider their best next steps. Members will also be notified of Sagittarius industry travel focused events and training on key business issues.  

For further information about ABTA and its partners, please visit: www.abta.com


Paul Stephen

Co-Founder & Joint CEO

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