Published: 15 December 2015 Now my love affair with Google has been both a tragedy and a triumph.

As everyone who works in SEO or with AdWords knows we spend a lot of our time beholden to Google’s whims some of which we do not mind and others we could really do without. However, on my recent excursion to the Brighton SEO (my first as I am still relatively new to digital marketing) I sat in on a talk all about Bing. Now I remember Bing but up until that point it seemed like a distant childhood memory.

This got me thinking whom else regards Bing in this way? Or am I missing out on a mystical Google free realm.

During the late 1990s we all started to Google anything our heart desires. To ‘bing it’ didn’t catch on like ‘Google it’ and thus a Google globe was made. While Google got all the love, Microsoft’s Bing persevered to improve; it added social connections and ‘cards’ identifying key topics and related searches. It began to improve its speed and reliability. If anything Bing got to develop in quiet while everyone excessively used Google. Maybe Bing is the silent developer, working away in the background, this got me thinking and I decided to put together a short list of things Bing does oh so well and maybe even better than Google; dare I say it!

Why Bing Over Google? Here’s my Top 5 results! 

  1. Search Engine Quality 
    Bing’s results may surprise you; they are every bit as relevant as Google’s and are actually sometimes even better. Sources such as SearchEngineLand have done extensive research into this. 

  2. The Home Page Photo
    Bare with me here. Any good Salesman, Digital Marketer, Beautician (anyone who has any kind on customer) knows that’s its all about the customer experience and what Bing offers is something a lot prettier than Google, now I know its not essential but when it comes to interfacing its always nice to be well presented. This isn’t just a photo; what those clever people at Bing have done is let you dive into the photo and explore; the info button at the bottom of the page will take you to a search result with more information. It can also be your desktop wallpaper, all very aesthetically pleasing and information at your fingertips. 

  3. News Carousel 
    The Home page has a really great feature for anyone who uses a search engine as there front page. The carousel can also be customised to topics you are interested in, weather, trending searches and more. If you have Cortana it can be related to your entries there. 

  4. Image & Video Search
    Bing’s image and video search is pretty damn good. It presents related searches as well as a ton of filtering mechanisms, with thumbnails when you hover the mouse over said image or video, with the videos previewing the sound without having to click a thing. The search filters are a pernickety person (like myself) dream. You can filter by licensing and if it’s a person you can filter by the pose you wish to have a photo of them in. 

  5. The little things
    An interactive calculator that not only does the basic but also does complex math. Now Google does this too now, but it wasn’t for once the first! The lovely little widget is the flight cost prediction; it has the ability to predict when a flight might increase in price. If you enter a search like ‘flight from London to Glasgow’ and Bing will provide red or green symbols indicating how likely the price is to fluctuate.

Now I know that Google has a special place in many people’s heart and it truly does in mine but Bing is an attractive prospect to me; a search engine that constantly tries to innovate and unapologetically tries to push the boundaries of what a search engine should be cannot be a bad thing. It has a long way to go and it has some pretty tough competitor in Google but maybe a real competitor in the market is never a bad thing.

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