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Published: 12 January 2010

In September last year, digital marketing agency, Sagittarius Digital was appointed by church leaders Graham Hall and John Wood as the agency of choice to help them take the church online.

The new website has many roles and through using the Sagittarius Digital Content Management System, Gateway Church Ashford can keep its Friends and Members up to date with the latest news, events, audio and video clips from the church. Through the CMS's simple to use interface the church's website administrators can add and edit all page content, news stories, events and embed multimedia assets such as images, audio, video and Flash components into their content.

The websites integrated news RSS streams ensure that all users can be kept up to date with the latest church and Christian news from home and overseas. Whilst other features such as the self updating site map RSS feeds ensure all the major search engines are kept up to date with content developments, giving Gateway Church Ashfords new website a solid foundation from a search engine optimisation perspective.

Sagittarius Marketing's Director of Digital, Nick Towers, said 'working with Gateway has been a great experience and by working closely with them and though involving their 200 church goers we have delivered a digital presence that will enable the Church, like any organisation, to achieve its goals and objectives over the coming years.'

For more information please contact nick@sagittarius-digital.com and check out www.gatewaychurchashford.co.uk.

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