Published: 09 August 2016

What is the importance of a "Brand" you may ask? Powerful people are creating influential products for businesses and services, which influence the life you live every day. We in society are brainwashed by these people who have created skilful products that purposely indulge your mind into spending your money on goods, services and experiences you do not need.

The most powerful person is a debatable topic to talk about. Do you think Barak Obama is one of the most powerful men living on planet Earth? I don’t. Yes, he can make big changes to the way people live, but does he change the way you think? No. Imagine The Daily Mail producing an article on Russia attacking Great Britain that actually hasn’t happened. This will cause more uprising than Boris Johnson announcing his plans on retirement or spending the tax payers' money on a new estate for him and his family.

What I am trying to say, is that whilst there are important people in government and a part of large society that lead campaigns to gain people’s attention, really personal views are not personal. They are decided by businesses that manipulate the population such as The Sun and other biased reporters, Coca-Cola and Pepsi whose branding can make you want their products without actually needing them, or Apple and Sony who produce old technology to gain additional revenue in a trade-off for their customers living the branded "lifestyle".

So what can you believe? Absolutely nothing. Anything you read online, such as this article, can be influenced by another person or company. Which is why experiencing something through your own eyes is the best way to believe something is real, but how do you prove something is real when telling a friend? The first possible reasoning is through a photograph or video, but can they be edited, enhanced or employed? Of course, so now we question everything we see, everything we buy and everything we use because now it all can be manipulated into something that seems so realistic people will believe it.

Do you really want that? Amazon, Apple or Angry Birds will make you buy from their online purchase page without you barely noticing. Did you really think the ‘recommended purchases’ on the home page of Amazon is generic for everyone? Did you need to buy the new iPhone on the day it was released? Or did you need to spend £10 to unlock a new character? No! You were made to feel you need it, to live a better life, see better things and be better than everyone else. Did it make you feel better after paying for it?

Where do we go from here? Take this article, remember this article and learn from this article. Hopefully one day you will see how your mind is influenced by a company, a campaign or someone’s article you have only read once. Even I may have influenced you. 

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