Published: 20 September 2018

Sagittarius is one the UK’s leading digital agencies and are best known for their results driven digital marketing campaigns and delivering contextual marketing experiences via the Sitecore Experience Platform. Earlier this year the agency decided to expand its offering by introducing an exciting range of Experience Optimisation products.

Experience Optimisation encompasses the UX/UI and design elements of any digital project, as well as Conversion Rate Optimisation improvements and more traditional digital marketing channels such as SEO and PPC. The new XO division of the agency is headed up Global Experience Optimisation Director, Ian MacArthur, who is well-known for his creative, brand and conversion experience in this field.

This new addition to the agencies product offering introduces a range of new services that aim to make the path to purchase simpler and breaks down what can sometimes be complex decision making pathways for brands with three key phases:

  • Catch Up - includes a health check of your existing strategy, content, UX, CRO etc to help gain any lost ground.
  • Keep Up - action reports and recommendations on how your digital activity can step up a gear and keep inline with the evolving competition
  • Stay Ahead - ongoing reviews of your website and strategy performance transferred into lightning execution to remain market leader.

These three phases are targeted at brands in different stages of marketing maturity so that, regardless of where a brand or business is in its journey, they can purchase a range of services that are best suited to helping them achieve increased ROI from digital. 

Global Experience Optimisation Director, MacArthur, commented “I’ve worked with many types of organisation, at every level on their digital journey, and our approach gives all brands the opportunity to optimise and find those incremental improvements that add up to greater success.“

If you would like to learn more about how experience optimisation can help you brand achieve digital success, achieve higher conversion rates and deliver real ROI, call the team on 01233 467800 or email hello@sagitatrius.agency

This blog was originally posted via the Festival of Marketing website on 18th September 2018.


Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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