Published: 12 October 2015 Content is King but the Queen is Quality, and as every good chess player knows (and for those who are not a fan of the game); the Queen Protects the King.

Everything a person could possibly want or need information wise is literally in the palm of people’s hands. With smartphones and to ‘Google’ something being a term in the oxford dictionary, having a website with good quality information and content has become key element to success.

As any digital marketer knows what is becoming more important for a companies website and success is the quality of the content found on the page. Content makes a consumer trust a brand; It turns a single viewer into a repeat customer. If your customers feel they can rely upon the company for quality information without the obnoxious sales tactics riddled within it they will be drawn back to the website continuously.

Google is almost a monopoly when it comes to search and as every SEO marketer knows we are beholden to their whims. A recent algorithm update has only emphasised the need for websites to constantly improve their content. Google’s aim is to provide the most relevant and highest quality of content to answer a consumer’s enquiry. This is where a website’s content becomes of imperative importance. If a website has good content Google will recognise this and position the company higher in search rankings and thus improving SEO.

The question now is what is good content?

Old SEO tactics would mean pushing certain phrases you wanted to rank well for, or pushing the brand name. Now, however, content is very different, it is all about the quality of information.

For example if you are a catering company who specialises in ovens, its no use repeatedly saying how great said oven is. It’s all about the consumers needs, what kind of oven do they need; commercial, personal? If it is for commercial use what is best for the restaurant, the hotel or cafè to help the business run efficiently and correctly. A restaurant that doesn't serve pizza doesn’t need a pizza oven. Its about giving the customer what they need not what’s most profitable.

This is where content becomes important, if a consumer can come to your website and rather than being forced a sale, feel like can come for information, the brand becomes trusted. This does not mean they will automatically convert but a good website will keep them coming back and possibly make a purchase at a later date.

This is where keywords become well, key! Now it’s important to know what people search around the topic, the questions they ask and the information they want. This means your content can be SEO friendly but also relevant to your customers needs.

It’s essential that all content is engaging; it’s about knowing your target audience and connecting to them. Do the research, find out what your consumer wants and fulfil their needs.

On our recent excursion to the Brighton SEO conference amongst the phrases that resonate regarding content, ‘Content is King’ being the most prevalent. One really stood out to me:

‘Content is out best method to offer a unique experience in markets increasingly filled with similar products.’

Its important to offer something unique to your clients, be that when selling a product or a service and content just like all other writing allows for the real creativity to shine through.

It your content is of good quality it will remain trusted, searched and used my your consumers and Google.

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