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Published: 05 July 2012

My second week here is drawing to a close a little early as I am off to a festival for this weekend, hopefully some time to regenerate and be fresh faced for work on Monday morning!

This week I have been working more on the build for a landscape design website. The build is now nearly complete and I am looking forward to seeing what the client thinks of my work.

I've been using some interesting new ideas and technology on the site, and have found it very different from sites I've built before. I'm paying special attention to making sure the site is available across browsers and platforms to maximise it's compatibility with potential customers, such as Internet Explorer user - it has proved a useful learning exercise!

HTML5 is the biggest influence of the extra details I have been adding to the site. Sagittarius Digital is a forward thinking agency and with the future of web development fast approaching it's important to make all sites future-proof. Getting the balance between embracing new technologies without ruining the experience for those on older browsers has meant sourcing some interesting techniques. My favourite, cssPIE, an open-source tool, has allowed me to use some great styling tools like CSS3 rounded corners, only available on some browsers, whilst letting all users enjoy the experience.

The thing I've learnt most over this build has been the wealth of information available to me. There are so many knowledgeable people willing to give their expertise. I feel I've learnt so many new CSS and HTML tricks and should be able to make some brilliant websites in the future!

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