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Published: 10 March 2014

Do you have Universal Analytics?

At the end of 2013, Google Analytics announced the launch of Universal Analytics, which is an updated tracking script, allowing for more detailed and "universal" analysis of your website, taking into account activity offline and online to gather a greater understanding of your customers and website users. Without this new tracking script you'll be missing out on data that could make a real difference. 

So what are the benefits of upgrading?

  • Tracking Offline Conversions
    If you have a physical shop as well as an online portal then the new Measurement Protocol with Universal Analytics allows you to link your offline and online activity. This means we can now link things like offline loyalty cards with online behavior and the other way around, so linking an online brochure download with an offline purchase.

  • Advanced Segments for Visitors
    One particularly useful update is Universal Analytics change to a visitor focused approach rather than visit based. This means that you can focus on the actual visitor themselves rather than a website visit, allowing for conversions to be attributed to a visitor. In the Advance Segments section you can see a range of options, including filtering by user.
  • Session and Campaign Timeout Settings
    You can now alter the session and campaign timeout settings so that rather than having the default session end settings of 30 minutes and campaign timeout of 6 months you can set it according to your own requirements. So if your own site automatically signs people out after a period of inactivity you can alter the session settings to match this and get more accurate data. If you have a campaign that runs all year then you can also reflect this in the campaign timeout settings. 

  • Set Up Custom Search Engines
    At the moment Google Analytics already recognises the most popular search engines, which you can view in your traffic reports. If, however, you have traffic coming from search engines that Google will not see as the most popular then this will simply be logged as Referral Traffic, providing false data.

You can now alter the list of recognised search engines and therefore control how the data is displayed in your reports, providing more accurate data on important channels. 

There are a number of additional benefits, which we will be happy to help explain but it is certainly now the time to upgrade to Universal Analytics and improve your understanding of your most valued clients and channels to market.

Sagittarius’ experienced digital marketing team will be pleased to implement this change to your website.

If your website is already managed by Sagittarius, the cost to implement this change could be as little as £350.00, giving you fast access to in-depth updated analytics.

If your website is not managed by Sagittarius, please call our dedicated digital marketing team on 01233 467 800 or email us at hello@sagittarius-marketing.com

Images Courtesy Of Google.com

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