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Published: 01 January 2005 Eurotunnel has invested in a new user experience for Eurotunnel’s passenger, freight and corporate users.

The Sagittarius multimedia team designed and built the new bilingual site as part of what the company intends to be a revolution in cross-Channel travel. With over 60% of Eurotunnel’s bookings made online, it’s one of a raft of new initiates from the tunnel operator to make life easier, faster and cheaper for motorists crossing the Channel this summer.

“Eurotunnel’s existing site had lost sight of why most people visit the web pages – that is to compare prices or book a crossing,” says Sagittarius New Media Manager, Nick Towers. “It had become cluttered with other complimentary information, which did little to help a customer. Our brief was to refresh the user experience – strip away all of the unnecessary information and get straight to the point.”

“Working with Sagittarius Marketing has been a great choice,” comments Eurotunnel’s passenger division. “We needed an agency that understood our customer and marketing needs and at the same time had the technical ability for a site as high profile and demanding as ours.”

The new site also needed to be fully browser compatible and adhere to accessibility   compliance industry standards. “Building a site that met W3C guidelines at the same time as delivering an interactive and engaging experience was quite a challenge,” says Nick. “This is effectively three sites, each with its own design and technical differences. Meeting W3C level A compliance was the part of this brief which we are most proud to have fulfilled.”

As we went to press Eurotunnel released figures  of revenue and traffic increase in the first half of 2005 – the latter up by 9% for trucks, 1% for passenger and 34% for coaches. We hope the new online booking system will continue to improve services and increase traffic.
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