Race of Champions Car from 360 degree camera
Published: 30 January 2017

A couple of weekends back, a handful of lucky members of Sagittarius embarked to Miami, for the vital task of overseeing the online presence of the epic Race of Champions (ROC).

At the same time, a dedicated Sagittarius team back in the UK co-ordinated with the Miami team to make sure that the website could handle the 600,000 views, 200,000 sessions and 17,686 users, which was an incredible effort.

The grand event also saw the debut of our latest piece of tech: A 360 camera (click the preview below to check it out)!

During my latest webinar and blog post on Travel Marketing in 2017, I spoke about how easy it is to start producing 360 and VR content for Social Media and YouTube, and how perfect a 360 camera is for those without extensive 3D Development resources (largely due to the low price of entry), so our agency’s purchase of this piece of tech is really exciting.


Google’s recent study on 360 Video content revealed the following:

  1. 360 Video doesn’t overperform on traditional metrics… BUT!
  2. 360 Video DOES motivate viewers to watch more and interact.
  3. AND 360 Video drivers viewers to share, subscribe and view other videos from your brand.

I’ve personally observed many travel brands making use of simple and easy-to-produce 360 Video content for Social sharing, and seen the great results they get from it, as Google’s study described. My personal favourite is Travel Oregon, whom I recommend checking out for yourselves, if only to see how easily they produce engaging content with this gadget.

I don’t think there could have been a better debut for our 360 Camera than Race of Champions. I’m excited to see what we’ll do with the 360 Camera next, and look forward to the day one of our clients makes the leap and gets one of their own. That’s where the real fun begins…

Would you like to read more about how Travel brands are utilising VR? Or are you interested in getting started today? Get in touch with us on Twitter, by e-mailing hello@sagittarius.agency, or calling us on 01233 467800.

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