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Published: 24 September 2014

Recently we’ve been undergoing a lot of social media advertising for various clients, with Facebook in particular a popular advertising channel. With this in mind, we thought it might be worth mentioning a few tips that our team have learnt along the way.

1. Use Facebook Power Editor

Much like AdWords Editor for Google, Facebook have Power Editor that allows for a lot more ease of management of ads and import and exporting of account changes.

2. Make sure you tag your URL’s
Use tracking of your adverts such as UTM tracking for Google Analytics using Google URL builder. This generates a custom URL, which you can tag onto the end of your target URL, activating the tracking.

This allows you to see individual adverts, with associated campaigns from your Facebook advertising and get a better understanding of which adverts or target segments, are the best converters.

3. Don’t strangle your campaign
You want to be targeted and make sure that the campaign you are running is going to be hitting the appropriate audience but at the same time you don’t want to end running your adverts to an audience of five.

As a guide, we tend to use the following targeting options:

·       Gender

·       Age

·       Location

·       Interests as appropriate

This level of targeting still allows you to be confident that you are going to reach the audience you want to but at the same time will allow for enough freedom to gain brand awareness and gain new visitors. You may be worried that it is a little broad but let your advert wording qualify the traffic.

4. Custom audiences

One of the most useful elements of Facebook advertising is that you can add a tracking pixel to your site, which automatically ads visitors to your site to a specially created custom audience segment, that you have created for your Facebook ads.

This allows you to target people you already know are interested in your products or services and it also has the added bonus of being able to remove them from your list if they have made a purchase to avoid unwanted contact.

5. Treat mobile and desktop separately
Without a doubt, these need to be dealt with separately. From our experience, mobile is by far and away the most responsive in terms of clicks but the quality of these clicks can be less than that of desktop. By splitting the campaigns out you can control budgets and using the tracking you put into place on your adverts, understand which is the better converter once they arrive to your site and complete whatever goal you are looking to achieve.

This does also mean segmenting in terms of dedicated adverts per mobile and desktop, again giving you more control.

These are some basic tips that will help you get on your way but we would love to know what successes you have had with your Facebook advertising.

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