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Published: 06 May 2009

Today HitWise released figures suggesting that blog sites, personal websites and news sites are taking share away from the all dominant search channels in terms of website referrals (upstream traffic). Sagittarius Marketing and Sagittarius Digital are now taking stock of their 6 month cross-channel, integrated campaign for skiweekends.com which confirms that search is not just a start point to the consumer's consideration journey and last week the Head of Online for B&Q, whilst speaking at Internet World, revealed how they've been driving some specific activities through channels other than search, and have even been using offline channels to drive search itself.

What all of these case studies highlight is that the way to levearage optimium ROI from your marketing activities is to plan and implement cross channel marketing activities that generate marketing and engagement synergy.

By taking this approach with our skiweekends.com client, using a mix of search (including paid search), social media and email marketing mixed with timely offline marketing activities such as direct mail, radio advertising, exhibitions and even a coach wrap, real ROI has been produced - an increase in sales of 14% in 6 months. Not bad for a luxury product (a skiiing holiday) in the grip of the UK's worst recession of modern times.

Through carefully selecting the right channels, to deliver the right message at the right time, Sagittarius has once again managed to exceed client expectations and deliver the marketing goods. Needless to say, as the number of digital channels expands and new tricks are found for traditional channels, next year's campaign will look to be even better, generating engagement, reach and ROI through more channels, integrated and entwined together to maximum effect.

If you would like to know more about integrated, cross channel marketing and how it can work for your business then call us on 08450 553888.

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