Published: 29 July 2016

Who would have thought it, Google helping to make digital marketing jobs easier? After the release of expanded text ads Wednesday (27th July) it is safe to say PPC marketers and avid AdWords users everywhere will have let out a huge cheer.

On the same day, we were lucky enough to have Google speaking at our event - Future of Search - where they announced the update would be rolling out that same day after being publicised at the Google Performance Summit in May this year.

The update now allows for two headlines both of which are 30 characters in length and a description with space for 80 characters – this gives you almost 50% more ad text to play with.

The update will also leave standard texts ads redundant as of October 26, 2016, thus making it non-optional. We would suggest everyone should be utilising the extra space as soon as possible.

Google has stated that the extra copy has been specifically designed and optimised for mobile and in particular, the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones. This means you will no longer have to create ads for mobile specifically as they will be mobile optimised already.

In earlier tests, Google also found that the expanded ads generated a CTR increase of 20%. This is no surprise with the increased text space. With more space, advertisers can include much more informative content within their ads, which should generate clicks that are more relevant; increasing the CTR and in turn improving overall performance.

With the recent update, Google has as well updated AdWords Editor to allow advertisers to create expanded text ads offline too, making it easier to move over from standard text ads to expanded ads before October.


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