Published: 10 June 2016

After completing the AdWords Fundamentals and Search Exams 2 and a half years ago within work & my own time, I have been waiting to attend a Google Bootcamp in London, and finally my chance came around.

Signing up for the Mobile Advertising Bootcamp I was at first on the waiting list. I waited in anticipation for an email telling me I had managed to get a space. With just a few days left until the event, I finally get an email through confirming my place; to say I was a little excited would be an understatement.

Geek mode was in full swing at this point.

On the day… Not being a regular visitor to London I was expecting it to be a bit of a nightmare getting there. This wasn’t the case, and I arrived with 20 minutes to spare. Walking up to a bright & colourful building, all orange and green, it wasn’t difficult to guess I had arrived. 

Once everyone had signed in we were all taken to a room with lots of screens, tables & chairs and a spread of breakfast foods, tea’s and coffee, much to my delight. We all took a seat, said ‘hello’ to the people we were sat with and the session began. 

Being the first person within the Digital Marketing team at Sagittarius to attend a session about Mobile Advertising I was able to take away lots of information and some pretty interesting statistics, I was just going to list my favourites, but why not just share the lot eh?

  • More than half of searches are on mobile; cannot stress how important it is for sites to be mobile friendly.
  • 90% of media interactions are multi-screen.
  • 65% of people start a search for a product/service on a smartphone, 61% continuing onto PC/Laptop and only 4% continue on tablet.
  • 45% of mobile searches are goal orientated. 
  • 66% of mobile searchers WANT to purchase within the hour, and 50% of mobile searchers DO purchase within the hour. 
  • 83% of mobile searchers want to purchase within the day; this shows how purchase immediacy is key for mobile consumers. 
  • 60% of mobile users in the UK noticed mobile ads in the past 30 days. 
  • 90% of Google’s revenue is from advertising.
  • 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent, with ‘near me’ becoming searched for significantly more e.g. ‘café near me’, ‘Italian restaurant near me’.
  • 40% of consumers turn to competitors after a bad mobile experience. 
  • 67% of consumers are more likely to buy on mobile optimised sites. 
  • The top 2 ad positions on mobile searches gain the vast majority of traffic, with position 1 being 3 times more valuable; so if you’re bidding on mobile you need to ensure you are bidding competitively and if you are any lower than ad position 2 you basically have no chance…

This was not all. Moving into the afternoon, we moved more into Mobile Apps, and advertising for mobile apps…

  • 85% of time on mobile is spent in apps. 
  • 60% of apps have never been downloaded; shows you cannot just make an app and expect people to go out and find it, advertising is key. 

If you needed help to convince your client or boss as to why you need a mobile friendly site, then you are welcome!

This was not all to be taken away from the day; we were also advised on how to go about setting up mobile only ads and campaigns. Best practice for mobile ads, where we can access specialist reporting for Mobile and how you can advertise mobile apps – all of which I look forward to using more for our clients. All in all an informative and enjoyable day.

Ending the day on a high note, I passed the Mobile Advertising Exam & they had cake and drinks...


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