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Published: 03 November 2014

The recent introduction of Remarketing in digital marketing has provided brands with one of the most exciting opportunities since the game changing advent of Google Adwords.

Just as Adwords and other self-serve ad platforms opened up a whole new way of advertising direct to consumers in real time, so Remarketing (or Retargeting as it’s also called) enables a huge gap in marketing to be filled at low cost.

So just how can Remarketing do this? You may have heard the widely known adage that: “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”. With digital it’s even worse, typical website conversion rates can be between 0.5-10% which means that up to 99.5% website visits are being wasted.

Remarketing gives you a second chance to get additional conversions from your audience after they leave your website.

A simple piece of code from an ad platform placed on your website identifies your visitors, puts them into a pool of potential audience members, then remembers them so that you can advertise to this audience elsewhere in the future.

You can set up and run Remarketing campaigns to advertise to your previous site visitors using Google Adwords (Search and Display networks), Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. More clever uses include running specific campaigns to:

  • Visitors who have looked at certain pages
  • Visitors who did not complete a process on your site
  • Visitors who have completed an action on your website
  • Exclude visitors who did convert

But even more sophisticated users of Remarketing are using the tool to:

  • Remarket to your own list or database of previous enquirers or customers
  • Build a remarketing list from YouTube users
  • Buy in cheap low converting traffic, then retarget them
  • Run different remarketing messages at different times

One specific use of Remarketing is when the acquisition cost of visitors is very high, for example in a competitive sector where PPC bids have become inflated, or when potential conversions have a very high value. In both these cases it’s vitally important to squeeze as much value from your audience as possible.

We are already incorporating Remarketing techniques to a variety of campaigns for our clients, so for more advice on joining the Remarketing Revolution please get in contact.

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