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Published: 01 August 2005 The digital media arm of Sagittarius is launching a new toy and model auction website for long-standing client Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

The move comes just two years after we launched Hornby’s first e-commerce venture. This has proved hugely successful – Hornby and Scalextric sites average 7,000 unique visits per day and have an impressive 60,000 subscribers.

The online auction, backed by the number one online payment solution PayPal, is non-exclusive and open to any model or toy over three years old and not in current catalogues. The likes of Action Man, Barbie, My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families are expected to sell alongside Hornby’s own products including trains as well as Scalextric.

Clearly its an exciting time for Chief Executive Frank Martin. “We like to keep abreast of sales and marketing trends, and just as importantly we like to give our loyal customers what they want.  We’re doing just that.

”Hornby e-commerce manager Paul Chandler has worked closely with Sagittarius director Paul Stephen to make it happen. “We’ve listened to our customers and worked closely with Sagittarius to develop a site that’s clear and simple to use and good value for the consumer,” says Chandler. Basic sales listings cost the seller from just 5p.

Stephen adds: “We’ve been working with Hornby for seven years to run both the Hornby and Scalextric sites and this new move is an eagerly-awaited event offering ordinary users the opportunity to buy and sell backed by a trusted corporate name.”

“As Hornby itself points out, purists may lament the passing of steam, but railways must modernise to stay alive and Hornby has modernised with them.”
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