Published: 17 April 2018

Today I’m going to be exploring how to manage multiple installations of Node.js on a windows computer following an issue I recently came across whilst working on a project.

The project I was working on required me to update my version of Node.js; a pretty straightforward process, until I then returned to an older project that was dependent on an earlier version of Node.

Upon this realisation, I completed a quick search and stumbled across a useful tool that can be installed on your Windows machine:

The Node Version Manager. You can find it at

It allows you to easily install and manage multiple versions of node. Here's a snippet from the help:


nvm install <version>       Download and install a <version>

nvm use <version>            Modify PATH to use <version>

 nvm ls                             List versions (installed versions are blue)


A simple install by downloading and running the Then simply this simply allows you to switch your Node versions, also the ability to use install commands.

An example of my commands below:


If you'd like to read more of my blogs you can here. 

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