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Published: 08 May 2017

Project management can be seen as an simple task....scheduling tasks to be delivered to a date is easy right? Think again.

In order to be able to get the best results, within the correct time frame requires many things. Amongst the planning, the deadline dates, keeping to budget and on top of all delivering what has been costed. The main influencing factor on a project is the team and how to get the best out of them and them you. So here are my top tips.

  1. Ensure each member has what they need to complete the job. This doesn't mean a laptop or cup of coffee (although sometimes this helps). This means providing them with everything they need to complete the task effectively and efficiently, and if something is missing providing this quickly!
  2. Communication. Not everyone works the same way. Some team members like a meeting to discuss the task in hand, some like a bullet pointed list, some like a detailed diagram. Whatever their preference, tailor your way of providing the information so they get what they need in a format best suited for them to be able to complete the task quickly and effectively.
  3. Support. If a team member needs more information or the task is lacking detail, get it sorted. This will build up a good relationship and they will know they can rely on you to provide what is requested.
  4. Appreciation. Acknowledge their efforts, say thank you, say please. These few words go along way and will produce the best results for the task and your team.
  5. Feedback. When a task is complete and signed off by a client or internally. Feedback to the team members involved. Let them know the client's thoughts, keep them in the loop. Being transparent works wonders.
  6. The Bigger picture. Involve the team in the bigger picture not just the day to day tasks. This helps motivate them to work towards the final goal and have a sense of completion as a team.
  7. Stay positive. Times will be hard, tasks will be difficult and lengthy plus they will not always go to plan. Keep a level head, don't panic and this will infiltrate amongst the team.
  8. Ask questions. Encourage questions, they aren’t a bad thing! Questions involve knowledge sharing, leading to education and in turn everyone wins!
  9. Stay focused. Keep the eye on the prize and circulate this in the team.
  10. And above all care! Care about your team, the task, the bigger picture, the company, the client. This is what will make your team succeed and produce outstanding results.
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