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Published: 22 December 2014

Instagram Has Beaten Twitter, But Was It A Fair Fight?

It was recently announced that twitter has been overtaken by the social sharing app Instagram, but looking into it more deeply I start to wonder if they can even be compared. 

The Differences:
They are both very different platforms, Twitter is all about sharing your opinions and ‘telling’ people what you are doing. Whereas Instagram is used to share ‘in the moment’ images of your life, with its editing tools it can be used to post images the moment something happens.

The Similarities:
The basics of both of the platforms are the same, its about sharing with people who you know and people who you might not know. They have both been created for ‘in the moment’ posting, you can post images on both platforms but obviously Instagram is built specifically for that.

The Comparison:
Thinking about who should win or even if there should be any competition, I have compared the main wanted features;

In the moment sharing          
Yes Yes
Imaging Sharing
Yes Yes
Text Uploading
Yes No
Mobile Friendly
Yes Yes
Desktop Friendly
Yes No
Image Editing
No Yes

Who Should Win:

Well looking at the table above I think it isn’t right that Instagram would win because unlike Twitter it only features image uploading, I don't think there should be a fight. Both platforms are so different that I don't think they should be compared unless you are comparing them for image uploading rather than overall user experience. At the end of the day until Instagram make their desktop service better I don't think they should win any fights.
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