Published: 03 August 2016

As of yesterday (August 2nd 2016), it has become clear what Instagram’s vision is.

“We want to become Snapchat. We want to BE Snapchat. Everything Snapchat has we want.”

Trending all day yesterday on Twitter was the latest update fired out by Instagram, Instagram Stories, and yes I know what you’re thinking – you’ve seen that somewhere else before? You are right in thinking this.

This Snapchat like feature is EXACTLY the same as Snapchat. You set your story, just like on Snapchat and this can be as long as you wish. Your story is then viewable to users for 24 hours, just like on Snapchat. Depending on how locked down your account is will depend on who can view your story, just like on Snapchat. You get the picture.

If you have used Snapchat Stories you will know how to use Instagram Stories.


You will find a new header bar at the top of your Instagram app where the stories will be clickable from. If a user has set a new story there will be a pink circle around their profile photo. Instagram has said to have added this update in order to stop user’s news feeds being cluttered with daily updates, but did anyone really care that much?

Much to no surprise, most of the Tweets with the trending hashtag yesterday were ranting for Chronological order back & other obvious requests.

Instagram, I feel you have made a big mistake here and I do not think I am alone in thinking this.

Sometimes you just have to give the customer what they want, and that is NOT Instagram Stories. 








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