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Published: 07 March 2009

Hands up if you know what a DABvert is? Its the latest weapon in any digital savvy marketeers arsenal. DABverts have been successfully implemented by the likes of orange and are currently being reviewed as part of a campaign for one of Sagittaius Marketing's most established clients.

DABverts, strategic calls to action delivered to the customer through the scrolling text (or 'dynamic label segment' to give it it's proper name) on their digital radio have already proved to be succesful when done tactically - the right product, at the right time, to the right customer through the right station.

The red button has also proved a fertile ground for digital marketeers through the DAB channel, with the RAB currently claiming that 36% of all digital radio listeners [through their digital TV sets] have pressed the red button in response to a radio advert.

Radio is often overlooked as part of a digital marketing campaign as it conjours up images of 'shouty' ads being played at 3am, sandwiched between ads for the local double glazing firm and the job centre. However, the advent and take up of digital radio, via DAB, mobile and the internet, has given rise to a radio revolution - stations devoted to musical eras or genres, tuned into by listeners who are tired of the 80's nights and tired phone-ins of 'traditional' local radio. In turn this can deliver a ready, self-segmented audience to a brand and its marketeers. Then it comes down to making sure your brand is working with the right agency to get results.

Author: Nick Towers
Director of Digital, Sagittarius Marketing

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