Published: 08 March 2016

I was delighted to find that some research I conducted yesterday demonstrated great gender equality at Sagittarius – our women have salaries that are equal to the men and market rates for equivalent types of roles and we have no HR issues (or historic cases) related to gender inequality or progression and promotion.

That’s not to say we wouldn’t love to receive more (or any) applications from female developers … but I am confident that when we do – they have as good prospects here as our men.

I also thought I would share some of the great female influencers of our times;

  • Elizabeth Blackwell 1821 – 1910 the first female Doctor (USA)
  • Emmeline Pankhurst 1858 – 1928 A suffragette who campaigned for the Vote for Women.
  • Marie Curie 1903 who was the first female awarded the Nobel prize
  • Coco Channel 1883 – 1971 – who changed the face of fashion and with it the perception of women in business and society.
  • Margaret Thatcher – love her of hate her – the first female Prime Minister in the UK
  • Benazir Bhutto - the first female PM in a Muslim country – assassinated in 2007
  • And finally J K Rowling, one of the most successful self-made woman in the UK.

I also thought you may like to hear about some inventions that have influenced the way we live - all the responsibility of women:

  • The car heater
  • Fire escapes
  • Solar heating
  • The medical syringe
  • Electric refrigerators
  • The first computer algorithm (Ada Lovelace – Lord Byron’s daughter)
  • CCTV
  • Paper bags
  • Central heating
  • Kevlar
  • The first computer bug (Dr Grace Murray Hooper) a moth stuck in the Harvard Mark II
  • And ancient Mesopotamian women invented BEER! 

Claire Battle

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