Published: 22 November 2016

Preparing your brand for Christmas Marketing isn’t as simple as popping a Santa hat on your Twitter profile pic. Here are some stocking-filler-sized questions to ask yourself in the run-up to the new Christmas season.

Are You Set for the Multi-Screen Journey?

If your mobile strategy ends at mobile responsiveness, then there’s a lot more you could be doing to appeal to your mobile-browsing customers, especially during the Christmas surge. The key to unlocking their potential is understanding that mobile viewing is part of a whole online customer journey. In other words, when seeking out a service, or their next travel destination, most customers begin their journey on Mobile, and conclude on Desktop.

This all comes down to User Experience. When faced with a poor UX, customers are adverse to completing online payments on mobile devices. However, if you can appeal to customers early on with a great mobile UX, you can capture (and keep) their interest very early on in their journey, all the way to conversion. Planning your campaigns and overall user experience around the importance of the Multi-Screen journey may result in more success for your brand this Christmas. 

Are You Prepared To Learn From Christmases Past?

We may have smartphones in our pockets (complete with personal robot assistants), but like our technologically-inferior ancestors we still need to buckle down for Winter and prepare for a shift in the status quo. Delve deep into Analytics and see what content, products or services were most popular last year. If you’re running Adwords or PPC campaigns, integrate that data into your analysis. Learning from the customers of Christmas past can be extremely valuable!

Is there a trackable link between entry points and conversions? Are more conversions coming from Content (such as blogs, landing pages or YouTube video), or from impulsive PPC searches from customers looking to buy immediately? Answering these questions will provide you with the insight to capitalise on Christmas marketing trends in your niche, and give you the materials to optimise your strategy for a better conversion rate.

What Are Your Competitors Doing? 

Conducting comprehensive Competitor Research is a fundamental ‘best practice’, but many businesses overlook time-sensitive analysis. Revisit your initial analysis and see if it covers the Christmas period, and if it doesn’t, dedicate extensive time to researching their Winter strategy.

What are they doing - or better yet - what are they not doing?

Finding a gap in a competitor's Christmas marketing strategy might just be the best gift your brand receives this year.

And Finally - A Quick Checklist for the Christmas Period

  • Update your opening hours/contact times on social media, Google My Business and your Contact pages to make sure no customer is left uninformed
  • Make sure your site load time can handle the surge of Christmas browsing

  • Update or produce new content for Christmas, making sure that you’re applying Structured Data where possible to match Christmas-related search terms

  • Keep that content fresh: Don’t rely on a few generic blog posts to run from November to December. Monitor trends and the news to influence your content and keep your customers engaged.
  • Triple check your Local SEO is optimised, to ensure that any brick-and-mortar locations rank highly, with glowing review stars in Local SERPs.


If you’re unsure about how important Local SEO is, be sure to read my blog on the subject, or if you’d prefer, give us a call on 01233 467800.

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