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Published: 19 April 2009

The very latest internet browsers are a many splendid thing, promising faster download speeds, greater security and backward compatibility. However, we've all been there before, new browsers invariably mean new problems.

Since Internet Explorer 6 was met by the world with a collective groan when it qiuckly became apparent that it had not been created with the latest CSS standards in mind, new browsers from Microsoft have always been treated with treipdation and fear. This time though, with Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft have added the 'compatibility' button which will enable a user to view the website they're currently perusing to see it as it was in previous versions of their IE browser. A great feature but one has to ask why is it necessary?

We know from the uptake of Internet Explorer 7, in 2007/08, that it quickly became the dominant browser on the market and you should expect nothing less with Internet Explorer 8 - especially once Microsoft decide to make it an automatic update. Sagittarius Digital would therefore recommend that you make testing your website in Internet Explorer 8 something of a priority. We're even going one better by offering a FREE Intenet Explorer 8 website audit as part of our free website audit.

For more informaiton or to take advantage of our FREE website audit, including Internet Explorer 8 compatibility testing, please call us on 08450 533888 or email contact@sagittarius-digital.com

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