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Published: 04 October 2011

Technology is exciting. However, does technology sell products? Yes and no. There’s no denying that your website needs to be scalable, robust and built on a solid foundation. It also needs to be responsive, browser compliant and accessible and yes, all these are technology-based features. However, does this mean it will ‘do the business’? Not necessarily…

There’s an old adage in digital marketing (well, as old as old can be) and that’s you can have the best technology and most beautiful website in the world but if people can’t find it or can’t use it, then what’s the point. In terms of eCommerce there’s only one metric that really counts and that’s how much money did you make today. There are, of course, many other metrics including visitor numbers, contact forms submitted, time on site, wish lists created and the list goes on but when all’s said and done, it’s only sales that will keep you in business.

The other metrics are where you start to understand your customers and visitors, it’s the journeys that they take, the search phrases they use, and the other sites they visit before yours that allow you to understand – and understanding your customers is, arguably, the most important thing.

Ask yourself this: do your customers care if your site is built using PHP or Java? Do they care if you’re using Dell servers or HP ones? No, but they do care when they can’t find the product that they want.

Conversion planning is the art of taking all that you know about your customers and their behaviour and then defining the journey that you want them to take and the destination you want them to arrive at. As with all journeys, it needs to begin at the start and in terms of the web this is unlikely to be your website – it will be a search engine or Facebook or an Internet provider’s home page.

Consequently, when trying to maximise conversions (or sales) you need to lead your customer from their start point or as close to it as you can. Remember, first impressions count and so being the first impression is important! As we know, with Google, being on page 1 is important but being Position 1 can see you attract 200% more clicks than being position 10 on the same first page.

Once you’ve made that connection then your website needs to make sure it is catering to your customers’ needs and builds confidence in your brand and products and, ultimately, leads to a sale. This is not a technical exercise but an exercise in conversion planning.

Conversion planning is a process that takes into account all facets of digital marketing and website design. As the customer journey starts on sites like Google or Facebook, it’s about making sure the right calls to action are in place, supported by well planned user journeys and information architecture. You need to make sure the user journey builds trust and confidence in your brand while staying focused on your conversion goals.

Sagittarius Digital builds on its years of experience as a full service marketing agency to ensure all aspects of an online strategy deliver maximum results and return on investment. From Conversion and User Experience planning to Search Marketing and Web design and Build, we apply the same proven analytical approach.

Visitors to the eCommerce Expo can find Sagittarius Digital on Stand 1214; alternatively visit www.sagittarius-marketing.com or call 08450 553888

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