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Published: 12 December 2014
H&M - Magical Holidays   
I liked this advert because I think it appeals to both the younger and older audiences. It is glamorous and very product based, but not over the top with it. You could easily get lost in the advert, it has two big names featured within it too which makes it more memorable. 
Watch it here: Magical Holidays

Burberry – From London with Love  
I think this advert was so fantasizing at the end with all the dancing in the street, it is so magical from the beginning. It has a famous face in it (Romeo Beckham) which will appeal to many people, I do think it could be slightly over the top with how much it features the product, the story isn't as clear as it could be because of this.
Watch it here: From London with Love

Harvey Nichols – Into The Woods  
This advert wasn’t very christmassy I don't think, it seemed a bit too strange for a christmas advert. It did show the products off nicely but I think i'll only remember it for being a bit weird and lacking any sort of Christmas magic.
Watch it here: Into The Woods

Marks & Spencer – Follow the Fairies  
I absolutely loved this advert, it actually slightly reminded me of The Polar Express. It got me so excited for Christmas with all of it’s happy music and on screen magic. It featured a problem which parents feel very strongly about, children sitting in on Christmas day watching television. I think this advert appeals to both children and parents. It could have possibly been a bit more product based, but on the whole, it was my favourite.
Watch it here: Follow the Fairies                

Mulberry – Win Christmas  
This has to be the funniest one of the 2014 Christmas adverts, it shows how extreme some families get with present buying. It showed the product off so well which I loved, could have been slightly more christmassy but it was very good at showing off the main product.
Watch it here: Win Christmas    

John Lewis – Monty the Penguin  

This advert makes me smile so much, from the beautiful song to the heart melting story, it is a brilliant Christmas advert. I think it reaches out to children and adults because of the story which it tells, it shows how some children might see true love. I think it is really memorable.
Watch it here: Monty the Penguin

Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for Sharing

I can’t help but watch this advert everytime I hear it come on. It shows a side of christmas which you can easily forget, it touches hearts. I think it appeals to an older audience as well as the younger adults who are or know people in the army. I think this advert it truly mesmerizing.
Watch it here: Christmas is for Sharing

Waitrose - The Gingerbread Stall  
I think this advert is really nice, it made me smile at the end. It kind of made me feel slightly sorry for the girl featured in the advert which is good because it makes you pay attention to the advert. I think it shows a very good view of Waitrose.
Watch it here: The Gingerbread Stall    

Debenhams - Found It!  
I think the girl featured in this advert is so cute, it s a very magical advert which you can't help but smile at. I liked this advert because it advertised the products very suitably, you could follow it well which I think helps people remember the brand. 
Watch it here: Found It!    

Boots - #SpecialBecause  
This advert is very different to their normal ‘here comes the girls’, I think it is nice because it shows how some people spend their christmases compared to others. It gives the message out that Christmas is the time to support and be there for others when they are helping others. I don’t think it features their products as well as previous adverts have from Boots.
Watch it here: #SpecialBecause

Tesco -  Lights On  
I think there is something for everyone in this advert, it has lots of different stories going on which could be seen as good or bad. The nice music gets me very excited for Christmas. I also loved all the lights!
Watch it here: Lights On    

Aldi - Everyones coming to us this Christmas  
This one really made me laugh, it shows what people think others are doing on Christmas day. I think it would appeal to many age groups because of the families which are featured within the advert.
Watch it here: Everyone's coming to us this Christmas    



Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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