Published: 10 May 2017

Having worked for the same company for the majority of my working life, I was pretty comfortable in my role... too comfortable! I needed a new challenge.

I can’t say I have ever known which path I wanted to explore when it comes to my career, but what I tried to assess, was what kind of tasks do I enjoy most and what kind of environment do I work best in? I soon realised that I am best suited to being in a creative environment with variety in each day.

‘I’d love to work for a digital marketing agency’, had been a niggling thought in the back of my mind for some time. The variety of projects was something that really appealed to me. So I decided to look at local Digital Marketing Agency’s websites to see what opportunities were out there.

After spending hours looking at about us pages, meet the team pages and blogs, I had found a few agencies that I was really eager to get in contact with. What was a little bit off putting, was that - of all the agencies I had looked at, none of them had jobs advertised that fit in with my skill set. There were a lot of technical roles advertised, but not as much from a client facing perspective. Many agencies were either start ups, or had very few staff, and didn’t have a team dedicated to liaising with clients and building relationships. I decided to ignore this and send my CV to the few agencies I liked the look of most anyway.

Straight away I found that they all had something in common, they all replied to my email. This was extremely encouraging! I received emails from a couple of agencies, who really did seem interested in me and were equally as eager to find out about what I liked, as they were at telling me about the company. One agency even invited me in for a coffee just to chat and have a look around the office, even though they had no vacancies?! The vibe from all agencies was very informal which was perfect for me as the thought of ‘job hunting’ was terrifying.

Then, just before Christmas, Claire from Sagittarius emailed me about a role that they were advertising for, and it sounded perfect. The interview process was tough, but at the same time, each meeting was relaxed and fairly informal, so it didn’t feel like your typical interview with nerves and awkwardness. Sagittarius have a policy that all potential new starters must meet 4 people in the office before being offered a role. This is equally about making sure you feel as though Sagittarius is the right fit for you, as it is that Sagittarius think you are the right fit for the role. It is very much a two way process, which is nice.

After my third interview, I got a call from Claire to offer me the position, I was over the moon. I handed in my notice and stuck out the 4 week notice period that felt like a lifetime.

Some things I learnt about Sagittarius from this moment on:

  1. The office is full of people that have a highly diverse taste in music.

    On my first day at Sagittarius, I walked up the stairs and heard a Weezer track playing over the company Sonos. This was probably one of the best starts to a first day possible for me. This was shortly followed by The Backstreet Boys, Kendrick Lamar, and Korn - It’s safe to say the taste in music in the office is… Different.

  2. Being open and honest is encouraged.

    From my first induction meeting, to training sessions and daily stand ups, it is clear that Sagittarius encourage staff to be open and honest. I think this sometimes comes with being around creative people, all with different ideas, there tends to be more flexibility and people seem a bit more comfortable with change and being challenged. Opinions are not just ‘shot down’, but questioned and discussed - no one's judging (which is nice).

  3. Sagittarius staff love food.

    Claire explained on my second day, ‘the rules of the kitchen’, and the main thing that was highlighted was that there is free food everywhere, fruit scattered around the office and meeting rooms, monthly lunches, pizza blogging lunches, pizza show and tell lunches, random presentations that involve pizza etc. Everyone here loves food but in particular, they love pizza.

  4. Everything feels like a team effort.

    I am lucky enough to have joined a pod who have two website build projects running. This has meant I have had the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of the build process so far … One of the main reasons I wanted to join a digital agency in the first place! So this has been great. We are all working towards the same goal (a beautiful website and a happy client) and the project is always discussed between everyone involved, having transparency between Sagittarius staff and the client, really makes things feel like a team effort.

  5. There is a very modern feel... from the offices to flexible working.

    Sagittarius clearly have to keep up with the trends in marketing and all things digital - That’s a given. However, what is also really encouraging, is the attitudes towards creating a modern working environment. Sometimes, when people refer to the ‘9-5’ they associate feelings such as - boredom. Sagittarius couldn’t do a better job at trying to ensure that they are flexible and that staff are not bored. The offices are ultra-modern (our London office has beer on tap from 12PM - Happy staff!), there is the option to work slightly different hours if it suits, snacks for everyone, endless training opportunities and daily stand up to ensure everyone is in the loop. You can’t possibly feel bored.

  6. Technology changes constantly, therefore there are constant opportunities to learn.

    We are always being sent interesting blog posts, tutorials, speeches and event news about the constantly evolving industry. This keeps you on your toes in the best way possible. If you love to learn, there's always something new to read up on, or a webinar to listen to.

  7. Everyone is passionate about their jobs.

    They really are. Now, I am not for one second, saying that we don’t come up against challenges - Of course we do! Everyone get’s through it because they are passionate about what they do, passionate about the projects and passionate about keeping our clients happy. 

All of the above makes for a fantastic working environment, and a company which I am very happy to be a part of. If there are any similarities between Sagittarius and other digital marketing agencies, then I would encourage anyone who has been considering joining an agency, to go ahead and do it.

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