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Published: 24 November 2011

Sagittarius were commissioned to redesign the website to improve the user experience by providing a more retail ecommerce experience whilst changing the focus from single course purchases to a customer focused experience. The KAE website needed to be more customer focused than product focused and had to appeal to a diverse range of users – from company directors seeking training solutions for their staff to those simply wanting to start a new hobby or develop their life skills.

Kent Adult Education (KAE) is a countywide organisation with centres in all twelve Kent districts with courses being held in over 450 venues. KAE offers a range of adult education courses from creative to computing, leisure to languages.

The home page has a course prospectus and search facility, and links to everything from new ‘pay as you go’ membership and courses to details on how to enrol, payment and pricing, and advice to help you make the right choice.

Sagittarius also introduced a facility which allows visitors to sign up for e-mail updates so they can keep abreast of the 5,500 courses, new courses and events.

KAE’s Head of Business Development and Marketing, Terry Botfield, said: “Sagittarius Marketing has an excellent track record of effective web designing and they demonstrated a clear understanding of our customers’ needs. Thanks to their experience and technical ability, we now have an exciting, interactive website that enables us to communicate with new audiences while sustaining and developing existing markets.”

For the initial campaign launch, highly targeted ads we placed on Facebook for KAE to achieve over 15 million views - building brand confidence and awareness with a new audience. This resulted in more sales in new target markets as part of a multi-channel search and social media campaign, all for a minimal budget. Sagittarius continue to run a series of regular campaigns.

Sagittarius implemented the website’s second stage of development in October 2011. It showcases a full e-commerce platform to make searching and booking even simpler. New features include, multiple course bookings; a purchase history; recommendations and enquiry search.

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