Published: 29 June 2016

With Healthcare marketing a sector offering from Sagittarius, we are pleased to report on the success of our latest campaign, Know Your Score with Kent County Council.

Know Your Score was a digital advertising campaign, live from March-April 2016.

Kent County Council aimed to reduce the number of people drinking alcohol regularly at harmful levels through the campaign which encouraged adults in Kent to increase awareness of their drinking habits by taking the ‘Know Your Score’ Online IBA (Identification and Brief Advice), an online self-assessment tool which provides the individual with a score to indicate if they are drinking alcohol at safe or harmful levels and plays a video of professional advice.

Kent County Council is the largest local authority in England with a population of nearly 1.5m and is responsible for helping to improve the general health of everyone living in Kent - part of this role involves supporting people to make positive changes to their lifestyle to improve their quality of life.

The 2014 Annual Public Health Report focused on the hidden health dangers for those people who regularly exceed recommended drinking levels without realising it. While death rates from most diseases are decreasing, the number of people in Kent dying from liver disease has risen by 43% since 2002.

Compared to previous offline awareness campaigns around Know Your Score, KCC wanted to trial a purely digital advertising campaign to see what results it could achieve from a limited budget of £40,000. Of particular concern was ensuring that the maximum possible proportion of this budget was used for digital media and that agency fees were kept to a minimum.

Project Aims

  • GET: Kent residents (mainly adults) who drink alcohol
  • TO: increase their awareness and understanding of their levels of drinking and the possible health consequences it may have for them
  •  BY: getting them to use the online self-assessment IBA tool and watching the advisory video at the end.      


Key objectives of the campaign included:

  • Identifying cost effective digital media solutions to ensure value for money.
  • Testing a range of digital channels; content, display, mobile, search and social media.
  • Developing brand-compliant design concepts suitable across all media channels.
  • Identifying insights and recommendations to inform future campaigns 


Our campaign strategy was based on traditional marketing communication models which then had additional data overlaid to identify the role of different digital channels in a typical user journey towards conversion, in this case taking an IBA test online.

Therefore for media planning we selected cost effective digital channels taking into account the campaign priorities:

  1. Raise awareness of the campaign messages through reach
  2. Drive traffic to the landing page where the tool can be found 


We initially reviewed previous public health campaigns related to alcohol abuse to identify best practice in this sector. We discovered emerging use of engaging ‘Instagram style’ imagery and graphics. We also reviewed how the alcohol sector itself promotes their brands and products to drinkers using digital channels.

For our campaign creative, we effectively hijacked the highly engaging look and feel of digital advertising used by alcohol brands, especially through Cinemagraph animated images, but instead used this attention grabbing format to challenge our target audience with powerful messages around their regular drinking habits.

This led us to use a range of Cinemagraph format images, display banners and static images, in several different themed sets to help compare engagement levels and provide useful data for future campaigns.

Campaign Activities

We aimed to use a combination of digital media channels in the correct order to achieve our campaign strategy.

This innovative use of digital media channels ensured we could achieve a balance of reach and visibility as well as activities targeted by demographics.

  • Awareness display campaigns using the Google Display Network
  • A display campaign on regional news and content website
  • A full home page takeover on over a 2-week period.
  • A background paid search PPC campaign using Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Native Advertising


The campaign exceeded all client expectations by delivering large numbers of relevant traffic to the online test page. These users then converted into test completions at an unusually high rate of over 17.3%, which is evidence of the successful audience targeting of the campaign.

As a result the number of online test completions reached 4158 by end of April 2016, far exceeding the original target of 1500 and also exceeding the 1600 tests previously achieved by a large-scale offline PR campaign by 259%.

In terms of raising audience awareness we delivered over 7.6 million ad impressions to the regional target audience ensuring high levels of visibility for the key campaign messages.

Key metrics from the campaign included:

  • Sessions to Test conversion rate of 17.35%
  • 7,658,998 total reach or impressions
  • 31,743 clicks or results £0.77 average cost per click (CPC)
  •  £3.19 average cost per ‘000 (CPM)      

Based on merged Demographics data from different digital channels we can see that the campaign was also successful in reaching the target segments:

  • The greatest volume of responses in the form of clicks was from the 35-44 and 45-54 age segments.
  • The highest engagement was seen amongst older demographics of 55-64 and 65+ age groups, as evidenced by the highest rates for clicks and results. 


Finally, we were able to provide a new digital only model for future public health campaigns to be conducted by the local authority, which can now achieve significant reach and demonstrable outcomes for a reduced budget.

“The success of this project has opened our eyes to the power of digital only campaigns. Public health has a remit to deliver population level interventions, and this campaign really helped us meet the challenge of reaching a large audience with limited spend, whilst providing us with excellent data and insights into our target audience”  

Wayne Gough, Business Planning and Strategy Manager (Public Health), Kent County Council 

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