Published: 10 December 2015

‘The Hashtag’ was originally used on Twitter to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It became a ‘thing’ when in 2007 Chris Messina used them to add tags to places he was tweeting about, perfectly fine.

Hashtags are great on Twitter and used hugely across the channel.

Then in 2013, something terrible happened. Facebook began allowing the use of the hashtags. They wanted hashtags to be used in the same way on Facebook as they are on Twitter.

This never happened.

I myself have never been a fan of a # on Facebook as I think they are irrelevant and to be quite honest, nobody uses them in search. Do they? Although, I say this. Working in digital marketing, I over the years have come across a few businesses utilising the # function a little too much, so perhaps few people do TRY to use them. Admittedly, it is great to see companies and business keeping up to date with all the latest ‘trends’.

However, most cases they are committing hashtag abuse, and YES this is a thing.

So on that note I have come up with a few rules that I believe everyone should be following with regards to hashtagging on Facebook, and could perhaps be applied to hashtagging overall.

1. Hashtagging Hijacking = NO

What is this? This is someone who hashtags a word that has nothing to do with the post’s subject. This is just a form of spamming; it looks messy and will annoy your followers.

Therefore, I suggest you do not do this.

2. Don’t overuse hashtags

One or two hashtags are great, one would be best, I suggest. However, if you fancy adding two then this is probably subtle enough. Using more than two makes your post firstly, look messy and incredibly spammy; and secondly could essentially distract users from the actual content within the post, as all they can see is hashtags!

Do not overkill it.

3. Do not use hashtags in every post.

If you are going to use hashtags, do so. However, I highly recommend not hashtagging every single post you put out.

The point of a hashtag is to group together posts that are all around a certain subject or event. Only use a hashtag when beneficial not just for the sake of it because your other posts have them in.

There you have it, 3, simple rules EVERYONE should be following when it comes to using the ‘#’ on Facebook.

Happy hashtagging!

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