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Published: 08 August 2013 Liberon, and their parent company Group V33, lead the European market in paint and wood care products and approached Sagittarius to position their brand as wood care experts by creating a selection of online resources.

Liberon are focussed on raising their profile in the UK and recognised that promoting ‘how to guides’ would enhance their reputation for supplying a range of premium waxes, oils, varnishes and French polishes.

Liberon’s digital campaign focuses on meeting a growing consumer   demand in the DIY market.
Sagittarius provided a bespoke digital solution to help Liberon share their expertise and extensive product range with a wider UK market.

The online toolkit focuses on ‘how to videos’ for example, how to oil a table, expert advice on product application and finishes, and FAQ’s related to the product range.

The Liberon ‘How-to’ guides are easily shareable both on YouTube and on Facebook. In fact, a dedicated YouTube channel has been set up to support these videos, which will reposition the brand and increase their market share.

Elaine Farrar, Marketing manager at Liberon commented “Sagittarius have delivered an aesthetically pleasing website and app which reflects the Liberon brand. In addition to the website and app development, the video production for our ‘how to videos’ is good quality and the videos look very professional”.

In addition to the new wood care advice website, Sagittarius has developed a smartphone app to access the wood care expert website and instructional videos utilising responsive design for smartphones offering a multiplatform user experience.

This Liberon digital toolkit provides all you need to know about wood care, and represents an online first for Liberon in the UK.

For Further information, please visit: www.woodcareexpert.co.uk or www.youtube.com/user/LiberonProducts

We would love to hear from you! For more information please call 08450 553 883 or email us at hello@sagittarius-marketing.com

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