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Published: 02 February 2015 In our latest lunchtime learning session here at Sagittarius we explored the need for blending remarketing with content marketing, in response to the frequently poor use of retargeting by brands.  

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful new marketing tool, but at present too many brands are using it in a blunt, poorly targeted or downright lazy way.  

Remarketing is revolutionary because it helps close the gap on the 95% or more of website visitors who don’t convert or the 70% of ecommerce visitors who abandon their basket during the checkout process.  

And this can all be achieved within a realistic budget, by utilising follow up adverting across media and social networks to your previous website visitors.  

Now here comes the ‘but’.  

Remarketing done badly can be more damaging than remarketing not done at all.  

Now Imagine you are a website visitor who has just viewed a designer handbag on an ecommerce website but didn’t buy there and then.   Now imagine that the website starts to follow you around the internet with display ads for their site or the product you looked at, repeatedly saying “Buy Our Handbag”.  

And again, “Buy Our Handbag”.  

And yet again, “Buy Our Handbag”.  

It’s the digital marketing equivalent of an annoying little salesperson sat on your shoulder shouting the same thing in your ear over and over again. Hardly the targeted and sophisticated approach we’d like to expect from the digital marketing sector.  

However, this is where the recent growth in another form of digital marketing can be blended to achieve a greater effect.  

Content marketing is a technique used to attract and engage with users through creative and quality content targeted to their needs.  

Let’s go back to our designer handbag example, then imagine that the messages you saw after viewing the product were a little more intelligent.  

To start with, the remarketing campaign could offer a promotion such as;  

“This week only, come back and buy that handbag you were looking at you’ll get free shipping.”  

“Get 50% off this exclusive ladies scarf available in a range of co-ordinating colours when you spend over £xxx on your next order.”  

Then lets bring content marketing in to play. Imagine that the remarketing messages were along the lines of;  

“Which celebrities have been spotted with this designer handbag? Read more.”  

“Build this stunning look around the xxxx handbag and accessories, get our style guide here.”  

“Discover how xxxx handbags are individually hand crafted – watch our video.”  

“Read the latest reviews of the xxxx handbag and discover why customers love it so much.”  

For sites which have already invested in quality content this type of cross sell via remarketing should be simple. Use your content and retargeting to bring your users back into the sales funnel, whilst building a stronger brand advocate in the process - the type of consumer who will repeat purchase and recommend your brand to others.  

And with more sophisticated targeting in place you can even run custom remarketing campaigns to users at different stages of the sales funnel. Or work through different remarketing messages as the time period after initially viewing the product extends.  

In summary, Remarketing has given us an incredibly powerful marketing tool, in fact some may even say one which is potentially intrusive into the lives of our potential consumers.  

Therefore we have a responsibility to ensure we use Remarketing creatively and intelligently.   
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