Published: 01 December 2016

In response to the increase in mobile use, we recently implemented changes to a client’s email campaigns to make their emails fully responsive leading to significant improvements in the click through rate.

The fact that mobile use has exploded over the past few years is old news. The recent announcement that worldwide in October 2016, more people browsed the Internet on a mobile or tablet than a desktop for the first time is while interesting and undoubtedly a milestone, hardly a shock. 

Most businesses have responded by ensuring that their websites are ‘mobile friendly’, spurred on partly by the great ‘Mobilegeddon’ of April 2015, when Google announced that websites not optimised for viewing on a mobile device would subsequently be penalised in rankings. 

While the focus of the increased use of mobile has been on websites, the number of email users using mobile has also been growing steadily and is forecast to continue growing. Increasingly, recipients expect the emails they receive on mobile devices to be fully readable without the need to scroll sideways and zoom in.

Research has shown that the majority of emails are initially on mobile even if they are later dealt with on desktop.

Worldwide, 49% of emails are opened on mobile while in the UK; this figure increases to 55%. (IBM 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study). Click-Through-Rates are estimated to be 15% higher for emails that are responsive compared to those that aren’t meaning that you could be losing out on valuable traffic to your site if your emails aren’t easily accessible to those on a mobile.

What we did

So with the above stats in mind and when thinking about mobile for our client, we built a fully responsive email template that would adapt to the screen size of the device that the recipient opened it on.

Increasingly, recipients expect the emails they receive on mobile devices to be fully readable without the need to scroll sideways and zoom in. The previous email template featured small images that while acceptable on desktop, were too small to have an impact on mobile. As well as ensuring the design was responsive, it was also simplified to ensure it would appear as clear as possible on a small screen and would load quickly. 

The Results

The main difference was an immediate increase in the click through rate. The content of the email was largely unchanged, however the click through rate increased by 3%. This trend continued long term. 

The long-term average click through rate over the next 9 months was 12.59%. The long-term average click through rate for the equivalent previous period was 10.4%. With an email list of approximately 15,000 contacts per broadcast, this equates to an extra 330 interested visitors to the website per email sent.

All email sending service providers (such as Mailchimp et al) provide responsive email templates. If you have a bespoke email template, most developers will be able to adapt it.

If you would like any further advice about email or digital marketing campaigns, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01233 467800 or email hello@sagittarius.agency


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