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Published: 20 March 2015

Here at Sagittarius we like to talk about our client successes and Jacksons Fencing is one that we have to mention.

Through a number of recent client and agency partnership projects, including conversion optimisation, improved creative treatment, SEO development and automated marketing Jacksons Fencing has seen a significant uplift in website traffic and multichannel conversion.

So massive in fact that we are pleased to report an increase in web traffic by 42% and an increase of 65% in sales revenue on last year.

Making digital work for Jacksons is as important as ever as the business grows and scales. Using business intelligence and insight, the recent successes have been down to some key actions by the Jacksons and Sagittarius teams.

Jacksons Fencing really understood how digital could enable their business and continue to be leading lights in their industry.

Digital Enablement with Apps: Fence Builder

One of the key initiatives was the development of an app Fence Builder. Fence builder is a website app that simplifies the process of specifying and buying a fencing system for your home and garden. By simplifying the purchasing process and ensuring customer buy all of the things they need, Jacksons sales average order values are stronger than ever. Put simply, through Fence Builder more customers have brought more products.

Fence builder lets the customer get the look they want and then does all the hard work for them. Due to an ever-increasing amount of traffic from mobile and tablet devices, Sagittarius has recently rebuilt the fence builder page to include swipe functionality and also to include larger images to make the site tablet and mobile device friendly. A full mobile app experience will be launched for summer 2015!

Focusing on Conversion

A number of initiatives have also been implemented to improve the customer conversion.

These include more prominent product placement on the homepage, new product ratings and reviews developments and increased exposure of different types of product content.

Customer Ratings And Review

The ability for clients to review all of the products that they have purchased from Jacksons has also been added to the site - this is supported by a newly created post purchase review email and feedback strategy to maximize positive feedback.

To see all of the above working in action, visit the Jacksons Fencing website at:


Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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