Published: 05 May 2016

It’s that time of year again where Marketing departments across the country are planning their activities for the new financial year. How they will use budgets to promote their brand, increase sales and achieve their business goals.

Here at Sagittarius we think good planning is key to marketing and sales success . We work with our clients from the campaign planning phases through to implementation and review.

To ensure that you brand can achieve success, i've detailed a few steps of how you can implement some of these actions into your organisation:

Have a strategy
Ensure that you have a clear business and marketing strategy. Understand where does the business want to be in one to three years time and how will the sales and marketing activity support this? Gaining this insight will provide a foundation for your marketing efforts and activities.

Define your Product or Service
Understand what it is you want to market and sell. Make sure that your product offering is right.

Identify your target audience
Are your target audience buying these types of products or not and are you pitching in the right way to the right people?

Understand your competitors
Do you know who also sells the same products or services as you? How do they sell them and where do they sell them, can you enter this market or use a new channel to reach new clients?

Identify your X-factor
What makes your brand or business different over your competitors and why should they spend their money with you? Understand how you can convey this in your sales and marketing communications?

Make some noise
Make sure you are using all the channels possible to reach your audience. Are you using digital? You have a website but do you utilise other digital marketing channels, such as social advertising or remarketing to reinforce your message?

Be the expert
Make sure that you market your product in a credible way. People who visit your website or receive your email communications need to understand that you are experts in your field. Offer potential clients the chance to see, test, trial or visit your showroom or business to try your products or services.

Have one voice
Once you have defined all of the above, make sure that your messaging across your channels is consistent. Your website, emails, social channels and staff should all be delivering the same message about your products and services.

Review often
Once you have completed any marketing activity, review its success. Understand what worked and maybe what didn't and why. How can you improve this for next time and achieve greater success?

Our team of dedicated account managers and digital marketing specialists are ready to talk marketing and digital and plan your next successful campaign!

If all of the above seems like something that you would like to implement for your brand, get in touch via email at or call us on 01233 467800.



Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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