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Published: 19 May 2014

Just a quick note to update you all on some success we have had with a recent clients website. The client site went live in October 2012 with many pages either using standard content from product providers which was often duplicate and not optimised or in some cases, no content at all. As a result, the client was not achieving the traffic targets they wanted and therefore sales. 

Around February 2013 the Sagittarius digital marketing team put together a long term content plan in place, which had set monthly content targets in place for the client to work to. I trained a couple of staff on the basics of optimising the content so that as they were adding the content, it would have a basic level of optimisation. This content was then uploaded to the live site and the digital marketing team would systematically check the content and optimise it where it was required.

The Sagittarius digital marketing team also did a lot of gap analysis, looking at keywords where the client had started ranking on certain keywords, then cross referenced these with the client to see which products were the most lucrative to the business and instructed the client on which pages to tackle first based on both an SEO point of view and a business point of view for the business.

The result is that now looking at Jan and Feb 2014 versus Jan and Feb 2013, Natural Search Traffic is up a massive 153.30% overall and unique visitors are up 185.99% (see screen shot). 

This again is a great example of the whole Sagittarius team working together with the Search Marketing department; all the server side changes and updates, the account handling managing the expectations of the clients and also building a strong working relationship with the client, getting them to buy into what we are advising. 

The client has also reported a 50% increase in sales targets for 2014 and have been hitting those targets so far this year, which is great news.

A good result all round with plenty more work to go! :)

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