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Published: 16 December 2014

Something very big has happened within Facebook in recent days, you might have already heard about it but if you haven’t don't worry it has been majorly played down.

Facebook has added a new targeting tool for posting a status and it is brilliant!

Within my content role at Sagittarius, outreach is a huge part of my day to day role which means this tool will make things a lot easier for me.

The new FREE tool allows you to target your posts straight to a competitor's fans and Facebook will even tell you how many people your post will reach. Sounds too good to be true right?

I put it to a little test, say for example I had to promote tickets to a singles night. I want a specific age range and only wanted to promote to women due to gender ratios, there was a selection field option for each of these. Once I had specified my preferences, it then told me how many people I could reach which was 80. This is without targeting to a page or brands specified fans. You can see this below: 

I know to some people this might not seem very big, especially if your clients don’t aim to outreach on Facebook, but looking at this update logically I think it shows how far we have already come with personalisation and targeting our posts to specific audiences.

Not only can we already select specific people we want to target, for free, we can also see how many people our post will potentially reach. This means you can have a play around with the selections to achieve the highest amount of people your post will reach within your audience demographics.

I think this development shows the direction which content marketing is going into.. and its going to be huge!

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