Published: 11 August 2016

This week Google have announced further security warnings to be introduced to Gmail as an extension to their Safe Browsing protection policy! Please be aware, that this update could affect bulk emails that you send to your clients!

Going forward, any emails that cannot be authenticated with either Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) will contain a coloured question mark in place of the sender’s profile picture, corporate logo or avatar.

in addition to this, if the email you receive contains links to what Google considers to be a dangerous site known for phishing, malware and Unwanted Software, you will see further warnings when you clink on the link. The full page warning will appear in Gmail’s Web Client, whereas the first example will appear in Web and on the App. The warning that you could expect to see within Gmail’s Web Client could look like the following:

You can check to see if your message is authenticated by checking the following:

  1.  Open Gmail
  2. Open an email
  3. Below the sender’s name, click the Down arrow

 The message is authenticated if you see:

  •  "Signed by" header with the sending domain.
  • "Mailed by" header with the domain name, like


What steps can you take to check your emails?

Google provides several tools and guidelines to support users that send bulk email campaigns. Gmail Postmaster Tools allows you to see:

  • If users are marking your emails as spam
  • Whether you’re following Gmail's best practices
  • Why your emails might not be delivered
  • If your emails are being sent securely

Google also provides the following guidelines to help clients achieve predictable classification and receiver satisfaction:

  1. Authentication & Identification
  2. Subscription
  3. Unsubscribing 
  4. Format
  5. Delivery
  6. Third-Party Senders
  7. Affiliate Marketing Programs


It is important to follow the guidelines published by Google to ensure that your emails are protected from being classed as Spam and to ensure that your message is authenticated!

More Information
Help Center: Check if your Gmail message is authenticated
Help Center: Safer Links in Gmail


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