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Published: 12 September 2016

So you have received an invitation to join a project as a Client on Mavenlink but you have never used it before? Not to worry because I was in the same position as you a month ago. 

The system can be overwhelming to begin with but with these 4 easy steps, you should be able to work your magic in no time...

The Dashboard


The Mavenlink dashboard gives you a summarised view of:

  • all the projects that you have been invited
  • an up-to-date activity feed of posts published about your projects
  • any tasks that have been assigned to you for actioning 

Posting comments via the Activity Feed

To add a post to Mavenlink, search for the project in the “Projects” tab and then select the “Create new post...” box at the top of the “Activity” feed:

Useful information to include in your post are:

  • @mentioning your dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager as they will receive notifications of your post immediately
  • details about the issue, query or estimate you require
  • any deadlines that the task needs to be completed by
  • a screenshot/document relating to the post you are going to send

It is also worth noting that keeping the post “Public” means that anyone with access to the project can see the posts you have submitted.

How do I add tasks to the project?

The simple answer is you do not have to because your dedicated Project Manager will add them for you.

As you can see here, the issue raised earlier was linked to a task after the Project Manager was notified of it in their inbox:

Haven’t received an update about the progress of your project - you can track it all in Mavenlink

One of the many brilliant features about Mavenlink is the ability to track your projects and their progress without the loss of emails in a busy inbox.

To do this, simply search for the project in the “Projects” tab, select “Task Tracker”; this will show items from Started through to Completion:

 From here you also have the ability to open each task and look at the Activity feed specifically relating to that task:

I hope this guide helps you as much as it has helped me!



Danika Donnelly

SAS Support Assistant

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